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The benifits of Freeview in Bridgend

The Benefits of Freeview in Bridgend

With Freeview in Bridgend, you can watch over 60 digital TV channels and up to 15 HD channels through your aerial. No monthly cost, no contracts, no fuss. With the new Freeview Play/Youview, you can see 95% of the nation’s favourite TV, live & on demand, all without a subscription, straight from your TV Guide. You may need to upgrade to a new TV aerial installation to receive full coverage.

Switching to Freeview television in Bridgend is easy. All TVs since 2010 have Freeview built in, so only require a working aerial to be plugged into the back. If your TV is older than this you may need a Freeview box, or you have an HD ready TV, buy a Freeview HD Recorder to watch in high definition.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, grab one with built-in Freeview Play & Youview. These are pretty much future-proof, offering catch up alongside live TV through the TV guide. Some of the latest models have services such as; BBCi player, 4oD, ITV player, Amazon, Netflix, Youtube built in & can be updated with the latest apps.

Alternatively, if you want to record live programmes and access on demand services through your TV, Freeview HD Recorders offer a simple solution and can easily be connected to any HD Ready TV. There are also the online benefits of Youview catch up services offered by BT Vision - EE - TalkTalk & Plusnet, all of which require a TV aerial for full functionality.

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