I specialise in digital Freeview HD TV aerial installation in Porthcawl. Offering you professional low cost solutions from 1 TV reception point to multiroom viewing.

I can setup all of your digital Freeview HD TV's, recordable pvr boxes, BT Vision and any other AV equipment. Using digital TV metering equipment I can guarantee the best reception from your aerial. I also supply aerials Ultra HD 4k services in Porthcawl

If you are having problems with picture breakup or not receiving the full Freeview channel line up with our expert knowledge we can quickly find faults in your cabling, bad connections and resolve your viewing problems in Porthcawl. 

Contact me at Multipoint Aerials, your local aerial specialist to find out more about my prices & services... 01656 451926.

Digital Freeview HD - TV aerial installation Porthcawl