• Daniel Herbert

TV aerial, satellite & TV wall mounting in Bridgend

Professional service using specialist digital metering equipment and quality components...

I have been installing TV equipment for many years & have expert knowledge in gaining the best TV reception. From fault finding to complete new TV aerial, satellite dish or screen installation, you can rely on Dan at Multipoint Aerials to give you the best service in Bridgend.
If you have TV signal reception problems in the Bridgend area, with the latest TV metering equipment I can very quickly establish faults & repair your digital TV system. You may need to amplify your signal to receive interference free viewing, for this there are a few options but by far the best would be a high gain aerial & masthead amplifier or booster. For all aerial services call me today!
You may wish to upgrade your existing TV system if you're not receiving the full Freeview channel lineup. There are various options from Freeview lite from local repeater television transmitters to full Freeview channel coverage from main television transmitters such as Wenvoe, Carmel & Mendip. I also supply & install aerials for DAB, FM radio or any other required frequency range.
I supply and install TV, radio & home entertainment equipment whatever your choice, & have a proven history of professional service in Bridgend...
Bridgend Old Bridge

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